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How To Manage Thoughts Of Shame

The other day I answered the phone and was greeted with, “This is a phone call like you have never heard before. My name is Jim and I can tell you how to make the cash roll in!” I hung up. Get rich schemes abound. Manipulative people take advantage of you for their gain. Are you being conned by the master manipulator, depression? Depression twists your thinking,convincing you of lies that cause shame. Shame takes your life and feeds your depression. Shame is a set of beliefs that you are defective, worthless, that you deserve misery. Some of these thoughts may ruminate in both our conscious and unconscious mind.  These thoughts may include:  I’m stupid. I’m unattractive. I’m a failure. I’m a bad person.I’m selfish. I just don’t have what it takes. I hate myself.I don’t matter. I’m defective. I shouldn’t have been born. I’m unlovable. These automatic thoughts steal from you and feed depression, worsening its hold on our lives. Depressive illness may bring on these thoughts. We can then be manipulated making depression worse. How can we manage these thoughts of shame? The acrostic SHAME can be a pattern for breaking this downward shame cycle. S—Support groups. You…