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Bi-Polar? Life Hacks For The Holidays

As a child every Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday I would become sick. Don’t misunderstand. Mine was a “Leave It To Beaver” childhood. It was an idyllic 1950’s childhood where I was loved and cared for. I would get so excited I couldn’t contain myself. There were long trips to visit grandparents we didn’t see often.Sears and Warads offered extra catalogs with large children’s sections of fascinating toys. Wish books we called them. I studied them and marked the pages, so mom and dad wouldn’t miss my favorite requests. And I was an ardent believer in Santa Claus…even after I learned it was Santa Qualls that brought the gifts. The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. Today, as an adult with bipolar, I can still get sick during the holidays. By the time I became an adult the ugly face of depression cycled into my life.  The winter and holidays can now trigger a bipolar-depressive relapse. As the days get shorter and grayer my spirits began to fall. Fortunately, recent years have been better because of bipolar life hacks I have discovered. Here are a few. Winter days and holidays are better when I keep my routine. I stay…