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The Danger of Narcissism In The Church

A couple new to the community were church shopping. One of their newest friends, a member of First Community was gushing over her church. “Our pastor has the greatest sermons! Humorous, deep, and easy to understand, he never goes over 21 minutes. “You’ll love our music, We are always learning the latest contemporary music while we sing traditional hymns. We have classical music and rap. We have it all. You will have the finest musical fare. “And we love our new youth minister. The kids play games every meeting but also have serious Bible study. Why, they took a mission trip last year to Mexico. It took six months to get one of the boys back from a Mexican jail but he’s finally home. “And just look at our building. It’s the best in town. Not a thing needs to be done to it. Our trustees have spent all the money necessary to for upkeep. “How? We have endowment funds that pay for everything in the church. You don’t even have to bother with giving.” The young couple decided they would visit First Community but they wanted to check out the brand of coffee and make sure there were pastries…